You can install nyaggle via pip:

pip install nyaggle   # Install core parts of nyaggle

nyaggle does not install the following packages by default:

  • catboost

  • lightgbm

  • xgboost

  • mlflow

  • pytorch

Modules which depends on these packages won’t work until you also install them. For example, run_experiment with algorithm_type='xgb', 'lgbm' and 'cat' options won’t work until you also install xgboost, lightgbm and catboost respectively.

If you want to install everything required in nyaggle, This command can be used:

pip install nyaggle[all]  # Install everything

If you use lang=ja option in BertSentenceVecorizer, you also need to intall MeCab and mecab-python3 package to your environment.